Season Clash 1 details, start on next week

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Date of publish: 16/06/2017 20:07 CET

Dear friends! 
Season Clash would start on the next weekend – on 24-25th June! We remind that Season Clash is the first official Cossacks 3 tournament. Top players of our ladder would compete not only with each other, but with 4 special guests, which had demonstrated prominent Cossacks 3 skills beforehands. 
All matches would be streamed with English and Russian comments simultaneously. Every game on this tournament would be streamed.
You may find further details about tournament regulations below: 
Season Clash rules & regulations:
  1. Tournament games would be held on 24th-25-th of June and 1st-2nd of July. We will provide detailed info on separate games later.
  2. Number of participants – limited (16 participants).
  3. Game format – 1х1.
  4. Tournament rounds organization:
Double elimination system. 


Game options:
  1. Season: Summer.
  2. Map shape: Land.
  3. Terrain type: Highlands.
  4. Minerals: Rich.
  5. Starting resources: Thousands (5000).
  6. Map Size: Tiny.
  7. Dip. center and market: Default.
  8. Peace time : 10 min.
  9. Capture: No capturing peasants.
  10. Victory condition: Annihilation.
  11. Nations: mirror matches (at organizers discretion);
  12. Adviser: Disabled
  13. All the other options: Default. 
Stay tuned for news on our pages in social networks. We will provide further details on next week! 
We thank Mark Kandaurov for this awesome pic!
Have a nice weekend!


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