5 years – how the developers celebrated the game

Date of publish: The following post was published on the Cossacks 3 community pages: “The strategists are going to the tavern as fast as possible. The rumble of their horses is louder than the one created by a battalion consisting solely of drummers. They are raising their glasses to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the […]

Happy 5th Birthday, Cossacks 3!

Date of publish: 20 September 2016. It’s exactly 5 years to the day since the release of the latest game from the reborn GSC Game World, the latest instalment in its blockbuster series. The Ukrainian team has once again made history, but now with Cossacks 3, and the recipe for doing so was simple: take […]

C3: 19th Century Mod – Greeks are playable

Date of publish: Loner is doing quite well with the development of the 19th Century Mod. Fortunately, his hands are not tied, so we can welcome Greece as a new playable nation. Modern Greece, independent from 1832, adds to a rather long list of its own. Its buildings are based on the Arabic style on […]

19th Century Mod: Images about the new units

Date of publish: Loner, creator of 19th Century Mod, posted a news in the Cossacks 3 official forums. According to the short entry, we can see the new units from Ireland, the newly announced nations to the mod.   “Using Awars ‘Fantastic Models’ this is my representation of Ireland, not historically accurate but loosely based […]

19th Century Mod: New nation coming

Date of publish: Loner, creator of 19th Century Mod, posted a news in the Cossacks 3 official forums. According to the short entry, Ireland is coming. But it comes a price! For Ireland to be part of the rally, Algeria will disappear. And… we got a little sneakpeak! Those beautiful green pots!   “I am […]

Happy 4th Birthday Cossacks 3!

Date of publish: 21/09/2020 19:57 CET Four years ago #Cossacks3 was officially released! We want to say thanks to every member of our gaming community. You are providing us with a ton of motivation to strive and create. We’re planning to express our appreciation with some exciting updates soon, stay tuned!   Source: Cossacks 3 […]

Team-based tournament by [GT] clan

Date of publish: 30/08/2018 19:10 CET Have you missed tournament games? [GT] clan holds a team-based (team’s size is 2 players) Cossacks 3 tournament on 1st of September.   It begins at 17:00 by CET time. Tournament’s prize fund is 100$. This tournament would be held monthly until the end of this year. The best […]

Patch notes #37 (21.06.2018)

Date of publish: 21/06/2018 20:06 CET Cossacks 3 version: v2.     New features: 1. It’s possible to trade resources between players from same team and players without team. Button is active in multiplayer and random map modes after 15 minutes of game time has passed. Hotkeys may be remapped in settings. New starting options: […]

Season Clash 4: Finals results

Date of publish: 20/05/2018 21:07 CET The Season Clash 4 hottest battles are coming, meet the final day!       Final result: Воины Кебаба – [-UNION-]testopal és [KR.S]Dandy – Golden Guys – [GFF]Petru_BwM és GoldenBoy     Grand Final result: Golden Guys – [GFF]Petru_BwM és GoldenBoy – 10fps – [-RA-]Sanek_PCT és Oldman         […]

Season Clash 4: Day 3 results

Date of publish: 19/05/2018 21:58 CET After a busy second day, the final act finally came, the third day and the opportunity to reach the finals at the same time. The last two rounds of the lower and upper brackets is over, where the big names brought the obligatory ones, which the results faithfully reflect. […]