Our mission

by: Peffy

CossacksHQ sites aim to preserve and make available the significant historical content created by the media, and to coordinate community efforts to save endangered media before its content is lost to posterity.

CossacksHQ is a non-profit website similar to Archive.org, whose goal is not to generate revenue but to preserve content for posterity. Advertising and sponsorship opportunities on the site are placed solely for the purpose of providing the revenue needed to maintain the site.

CossacksHQ pages:

  • cossackshq.net
  • cossackshq.hu

OUR TERMS FOR DIGITAL CONTENT: We strive to acknowledge and publish the original source of all digital content on the site. At the end of each post, you will see links to “source” and “archived page”. The former links to the original website where the content was posted, while the latter links to a snapshot of the original website.

We do not share:

  • software in retail/digital format (even if it is already classified as abandonware)
  • media content (exclusive interviews, reviews, previews, etc.) that is currently openly available on the creator’s website, with the exception of translated content

We share:

  • software that is NOT/has NOT been distributed in retail/digital format (demos, patches, add-ons, project files, etc.)
  • media content (exclusive interviews, reviews, previews, etc.) translated to english from other languages

OUR TERMS FOR PHYSICAL CONTENT: The physical content held by CossacksHQ sites is also acquired for posterity, and its sharing is governed by the following rules.

We do not share:

  • copyrighted content on disks of commercially distributed/shared software (read: game files)

We share:

  • digitally scanned versions of game box covers
  • a digitally scanned version of the cover of the optical media (CD/DVD) of games
  • digitally scanned versions of other physical content (posters, badges, manuals, etc.)

On the CossacksHQ site you will find the following game content:

  • Cossacks (Cossacks: European Wars, Cossacks: The Art of War, Cossacks: Back to War)
  • Cossacks II (Cossacks II: Napoleonic Wars, Cossacks II: Battle for Europe)
  • Cossacks 3
  • American Conquest (American Conquest, American Conquest: Fight Back, American Conquest: Divided Nation)
  • Heroes of Annihilated Empires
  • Alexander

On CossacksHQ you can find content from the following projects:

  • DoomQuest
  • WarCraft 2000: Nuclear Epidemic
  • DoomCraft
  • Warlocks

The content on CossacksHQ is placed with respect to copyright. Content that is currently published or available from the copyright holder will be displayed on the site in a controlled manner. Please forward any copyright claims to the e-mail address indicated in the Site Info section.