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Dear friends!
Here’s a short info about the upcoming news, and how the things are going)
1. On Sunday, April 8, there will be a one-day sale on Steam, where you can purchase a game or any of the add-ons with -50%, or whole “Cossacks 3 Experience” bundle with -65% discount
2. We are working on a large update which will be published soon. There will be a lot of absolutely new features for the Cossacks 3, plus various bug fixes
3. The first in our history teamed Season clash will be held from May 14 to May 20, we will publish all the details soon. Fourth season ends on May 5 at 21.59 in GMT
4. We have not forgotten about the mac version, we are just ashamed to repeat that we do not know when the work will be over. But this is the only truth: the work is on, we do not know when it will end, and we are very, very sorry that everything is so excruciatingly long
We wish a wonderful weekend to you all!


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