Patch notes #20 (14.01.2017)

by: Peffy
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Cossacks 3 version: v1.
Main Changes
  1. The global population limit has been increased to 32 000 units per map (2x bigger in comparison to the previous limit).
  2. The game now properly scales UI on 4k monitors.
  3. The game now properly scales UI on low-resolution monitors.
  4. After finishing or exiting a story mission the game will go back to the campaign screen now.
  5. Fixed animations of sails and paddles.
  6. Improved the building allocation mechanism, now players can place buildings closer to trees.
  7. Lobby settings now get saved in the multiplayer shell as well.
  8. Fixed an error in the enemy detection mechanism, which made units ignore their closest targets and allowed them to continue following their previous enemy.
  9. Fixed an exploit that allowed players to destroy enemy’s walls by blowing up unfinished foundations of walls near them.
  10. Enhanced controls over a group of formations. If one of the formations is looking into opposite direction that the others or it is far away from other, then all of them will be regrouped and placed close to each other. Formations can now immediately reverse their movement, when the player commands them to go into an opposite direction to the one they are facing.
  11. Set resource delivering priority to warehouse and town hall is now the same for peasants. Prior to this change peasants prioritized warehouse as a place where to deliver gathered resources.
  12. The mercenary dragoon units from Early Bird edition now share the price (and inflation rate) with common mercenary dragoons.
  13. You can now select ships in the same way, as land units. You can do so by using a combination of Ctrl + Q keys
  14. General optimization of the game has been imporved.


  1. Fixed a bug that caused crashes during autosaves and manual saves in campaigns for some users.
  2. Fixed a crash in the fifth mission of the Austrian campaign, that was caused by a mission trigger with the ships.
  3. 3. Fixed some problems with path finding. This issue had a chance of occurring in any mission, but was frequently encountered in the first Russian and third Polish campaign missions.
  1. Now when you send a formation or a group of formations to a new location with a Ctrl key held down, they will maintain their orientation.
  2. You can now order 100 units of any kind by holding Ctrl + Alt and clicking on their icon in the appropriate building. (you can cancel the command by clicking RMB on the icon again)
  3. You can now order infinite construction queue of the same unit in 5 different buildings by selecting them and holding Ctrl + Shift and clicking on the appropriate icon. (you can cancel the command by clicking RMB on the icon again)
  1. Fixed an error, that caused case shot to deal significantly lower damage.
  2. Fixed a bug, that caused a wall that player was planning to build to change to the another player’s type of wall, which he was constructing at that moment
  3. Fixed a rare bug with map generator, that allowed the game to spawn 2 players on the same spot.
  4. Fixed an issue with 18th century officer attack upgrade.
  5. Fixed an issue with king’s musketeer defense upgrade.
  6. Wall foundations that have less than 1/3 of HP will now automatically self-detonate when any unit will try to approach them (previously this affected only military units).
  7. Fixed a bug, that caused map settings to reset in a saved game.
  8. Fixed an error, which occured in a situation when the game’s language options in Steam and in-game differed and caused texts to appear with wrong localization.
  9. Fixed a rare bug, that prevented Early Bird bonuses and DLC from displaying correctly to certain users.
  10. Fixed a system error, that may have intervened with some mission triggers.
  11. Balanced the “Huge armies” starting option for Ukraine, Turkey and Algeria
  12. Fixed an error in the third mission of the Russian campaign, that hindered the progression of it.
  13. Fixed a bug, that allowed players to see resource nodes’ icons while other players were loading.
  14. Made some tweaks to the loading screen, texts are now displayed on parchment.


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