Cossacks chat log from Daily Telefrag

Date of publish: 10/10/2020 10:26 CET Daily Telefrag recently arranged an on-line chat with developers of the Ukraine-based (former USSR republic) company GSC Game World, men behind the stage of Cossacks: European Wars and recently shipped add-on Cossacks: The Art of War (well, unfortunately, still to arrive to some countries – ed.). The chat mainly […]

New animated unit: musketeer

Date of publish: 02/10/2020 19:30 CET Again an American Conquest unit (tomorrow there will be the last one), this time a musketeer having as professional animations as the musketeer of Friday. All people who are interested in American Conquest should download the file!     Source: [source link | archived site] Original date of publish: […]

New American Conquest animated unit!!!

Date of publish: 30/09/2020 17:53 CET Today again an animated American Conquest unit: this time a 840 kb file showing a musketeer with FANTASTIC animations! You can see the musketeer shooting, reloading the musket, using the bajonet and also using the other end of the musket for beating. It´s the best animated realtime strategy unit […]

American Conquest – animated unit!!!

Date of publish: 29/09/2020 18:23 CET In the American Conquest section you can find a 400kb video file showing a very, very cool flagbearer! I can´t wait to play that game! Also the next days you will see animated units: a shaman, two musketeers and some others!!!! Thanks, GSC!     Source: [source link | […]

American Conquest: Divided Nation

American Conquest: Divided Nation is a real-time strategy game based upon events in early American history. In the game, players will take on the role of Civil War general, Texas militia leader or pirate captain. Divided Nation offers nine historically inspired campaigns played across more than 50 maps set in a turbulent 19th century America. […]