Alexander – Downloads

If you know any other downloadable item what is not on this list below, please give me a word! Due to legal reasons we cannot make available the full version of this game on this site! Thank you!   Downloadable file File type File size Download Alexander updated demo Demo 321 Mb LINK Alexander demo […]

Alexander – Cheats

Just press ENTER during the game to use these cheat codes. In the “message” prompt you can type the code and press ENTER:   Cheat code: Description: VICTORY Win level babki Get 50,000 of all resources viewall Turn Off Fog of War qwe Get All Units (Press P for all units)

Alexander – Reviews

Published by Date of publish Score Original link Status (ENG) 02.12.2004 7/10 LINK Archived GameSpot (ENG) 06.12.2004 5.2/10 LINK Archived 1UP (ENG) 09.12.2004 5.2/10 LINK Archived WorthPlaying (ENG) 21.12.2004 5.6/10 LINK Archived Loadedinc (ENG) 31.12.2004 4.5/10 LINK Archived Eurogamer (ENG) 05.01.2005 4/10 LINK Archived Boomtown (ENG) 19.01.2005 7/10 LINK Archived Game Chronicles Magazine (ENG) […]

Alexander – System requirements

 Windows operation system (old boxed version): Minimal requirements: Recommended requirements: OS: Windows 95/98/Me/NT/XP Processor: AMD Athlon, Intel Pentium 1 GHz Memory: 256 Mb RAM Video: 64 Mb Video RAM with DirectX 8.1 compatibility (Geforce 3 or better*) DirectX: Version: 8.1 or higher Storage: 2 Gb free space Other: Optical drive 12x CD-ROM, Sound Card with DirectX […]