Cossacks: The Art of War – Enemy of the Crown campaign
Cossacks: The Art of War – Enemy of the Crown campaign
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For use with the English version of Cossacks: The Art of War. The campaign is different from the Euro/Arabic Campaigns that came with the Cossacks titles – particularly with a view to graphical scenery, using Winter-snow and Spring-mud based maps.
The campaign eases the player in with small maps and individual unit based combat, gradually working up to small bands then onto a full formation based assault of the fortress ending with a number of huge battlefield clashes, the campaign ends in the liberation of Russia and the appointment of a rightful Tsar with the destruction of Elizabeth.

From the Readme file:

Enemy of the Crown – Install Guide
(requires Cossacks : The Art of War)

Extract the files contained in this .exe

Once the files have been installed, start up Art of War
as normal and chose “Single Player” from the main menu.
Next select your profile as normal, and then choose
“Single Mission”.

There you will find the 12 levels of EOTC for you play
at your leisure. Its highly reccommened that you play
the levels in order (they are named 1,2,3…etc) as there
is a storyline throughout, but you can also play them
individually if you prefer.

Hope you enjoy this new campaign.

– CDV Software and GSC Gameworld
– many thanks to Mr. Green & The Blue Helmet Cartographers


Background Story

The story is based on true historical events that took
place between 1740-1764 in the corrupt Tsar ruled Russia.

Ivan VI was born August 1740, 2 months later when his
ruling aunty died he was proclaimed Tsar of Russia! Due
to his rather immature stature his aunts favourite Germanic
lover Ernst Johan Buhren acted as Regent and ran the country
for a mere 22 days, due to his self centred, merciless way
of doing things, Burhen was quickly arrested and thrown aside,
being replaced by Ivan’s young adulterous mother Anna
Leopoldovna of the Brunswick line. Anna was as twisted as
Burhen though not as ruthless, she had many lovers and created
quite a stir in government leading to her eventual downfall 12
months later, she along with her son were imprisoned in Siberia
by the new “army” appointed Tsarina Elizabeth, backed by her
loyal Imperial Guard.

Anna died in detainment at the age of 27 not before birthing
another 4 children, with this death all of the Brunswick family
were exiled except of course Ivan VI, a true contender for the
crown of Russia and a continual threat to Elizabeth’s reign.

Many half-hearted revolts attempted to restore the rightful God
appointed leader to the throne to no avail, until a serious almost
successful operation masterminded by Vasily Mirovich took place in
1764, sadly Ivan was executed before he could be liberated.



Map Layout & Scenario Design

Mr. Green >>


The Blue Helmet Cartographers
– Mr Nice
– Marion van Ghent
– Soldier of Fortune
– Genrl Monty vc
– P.E.Katt
– Penwyn
– Alfwaud

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