Cossacks: The Art of War demo
Cossacks: The Art of War demo

The COSSACKS add-on “THE ART OF WAR” delivers huge, new maps, missions, campaigns und a mass of new functions. Try this new demo version for free and enjoy the new start-options and improvements: the random map (almost in multiplayer mode without restrictions) contains fantastic new features.
A rich line-up of new start options such the possibility to chose among a start with a normal, big or super-big army, start with towers, artillery and blockhouses (against rushes), peacetime-mode (truce), start with/without fog of war, use new capture options (e.g. no peasants), new and mixed kinds of territory in gigantic maps (normal 2×2 or 4×4 maps – that means 16 times larger maps)… check it out!


Important: You will find two new menu options in the random map menu, just above the map section itself. The upper menu features the available categories, while the lower one provides alternatives to choose from within the respective category. Click on the upper line and select a (main) option from the menu that pops up (e.g. start options). Then click on the lower line and select a (sub) option (e.g. a big army) from the menu that pops up.
This way you can modify and combine a variety of options which will make your game and tactics different each time you play.


File size: 68,1 Mb