Cossacks: European Wars demo version (v1.12)
Cossacks: European Wars demo version (v1.12)
Cossacks – European Wars Demo version v.1.12
1. System requirements:
Minimal System requirements for Cossacks demo v.1.12 are Pentium-200,  32Mb. RAM, 1 Mb Direct X-compatible   Video card, 2x CD-ROM, Direct X-compatible Sound card, mouse. Under this configuration the game will work smoothly in the resolution of 800×600 (to launch the game your monitor must support the resolution of 1024×768) with a small number of units.   
System requirements recommended are Pentium II-350, 64 Mb. RAM, Direct X-compatible Video card 4 Mb, 10ő CDROM, Direct X-compatible Sound card, mouse. Under this configuration the game will work acceptably in high resolutions with a great number of units.  
2. Installation and Running
In order to install the game, please, do the following: 
* Insert the game disk into your computer’s CD-ROM. 
* The autorun will get launched in case automatic CD disk recognition function is active on your computer. After that you will see the installer menu. If you have the automatic disk recognition switched off, you need to run the setup.exe file from the root CD game disk catalogue manually.   
* Follow the instructions of wizard installer.       
You can run the game by clicking on Cossacks icon on the desktop, if while installing you opted to create it. You can also run the game by choosing the appropriate bookmark in the Start-Programs-Cossacks menu. 
After launching the game you can watch the Intro or skip it by pressing any key. Then you find yourself in the Main Menu, where you can select a Single, Network game, Load game, adjust the Settings, watch the Intro or quit the program and exit into Windows. 
3. Hot Keys
F12 – bring on the menu 
M – enlarge/decrease the minimap  
I – bring on/remove game info
U – bring on/remove object info   
Q – show/hide impassable areas
O – switch on/off  structure transparency mode
Del – delete the object outlined 
Pause – set/remove pause 
Ctrl+D – increase the game speed 
Enter – chat or enter code 
CTRL+A – select all units, but for ships   
CTRL+S – select all ships 
CTRL+B – select all buildings 
Selected unit & CTRL+Z – select all units of this type 
Double-click on unit – select all units of this type within the screen
Selected building & CTRL+click on the map – designate a rally point for the units built
Selected unit & CTRL 1…9 – assign a hot key to a unit or a formation 
1…9 – quick access to a hot-keyed unit or group. 
Selected unit & Space – centre the screen on an outlined unit
CTRL+P – show all idling peasants 
CTRL+M – show all under-occupied mines 
Selected unit & Shift+ Selected unit – Add new units to the group of units selected 
Selected unit & Shift+Click on the map – setting a complex way of movement for units  
Selected game objects (including CTRL+A or CTRL+S or CTRL+B) & Click on the game object icon in the menu – select all the objects of this type.
Selected game objects (including CTRL+A or CTRL+S or CTRL+B) + Shift & Click on the game object icon in the menu – take the objects of this type out of selected. 
Selected unit & A+Mark a point for a unit to move to – the units selected will move to the point designated attacking all the enemies on their way. 
4. Internet game.
Cossacks demo v.1.12 allows up to 7 players combating via Internet.  
To play via Internet you must have your own IP-address. It is possessed by almost everyone connected directly to a provider. There is no IP address, for instance, on LAN computers enjoying their Internet access via a server and accordingly via the server’s IP-address. In this case one will be able to play via Internet from the server only.  
Playing with a small number of players (2-3) a modem of 14.400 or higher is needed. When playing with more than 3 players a modem of 28.800 or higher is needed.
You will be able to play with those who have the same demo version as you only.

File size: 120 Mb