Archived replays from
Archived replays from

This pack contains 6 films (replays) from

Film #1: Battle [GSC] Andrey vs [GSC] Arey

In this game, players get an impression of the fascinating extent of historical events -the game supports the employment of up to 8000 units in great battles. Admire the way pros play: The two GSC aces fight to the last!


Film #2: Battle [GSC] Andrey vs [GSC] GEC vs [pur]surreal vs Mylene

This deathmatch with four players shows the different strategies of the opponents very clearly. At first Mylene sprints to the top but is then crushed by the GSCl henchmen. Here you can also find tips regarding fights against several enemies at the same time.


Film #3: Battle [GSC] GEC vs [GSC] Ataman

Once more GEC from the GSC Clan shows how fast and mercilessly he can strike. Ataman is run over by GEC’s wild horde.


Film #4: Battle [FEI] Jarema vs. [GSC] GSC und [GSC] GEC

In this game, the “two in one” nation” can be seen very clearly. Here, the players of one team share the same colour in a multiplayer match and play for the same nation. This mode is extremely useful for players who would like to share responsibilities; thus, one can look after economic matters while the other organizes the army. Two of the GSC heroes share one nation (Red) and give Jarema a hard time. But two against one isn’t exactly fair play, is it?


Film #5: Battle [FE] Krisus & [FEI] Jarema vs. [GSC] GSC &[GSC] GEC

This game is played two against two, and while Arema is indulging in offensive strategies, Krisus immures himself. Arema opposes GEC in this thrilling match, but GSC sends troops in order to save GEC. So things could be fine, if Krisus didn’t launch a sudden attack. While GEC has a break and repositions his troops, Jarema introduces the forward defence and builds a front line of turrets close to GEC. Exciting as never before!


Film #6: Battle [FEI] Jarema vs. [GSC] GEC

The vendetta is child’s play compared to the fights of GEC and Arema. Once more, a new round of clan battles has started. Will the mighty Jarema teach GEC a lesson this time? Find out for yourself.

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