American Conquest – Windows 10 black fix patch
American Conquest – Windows 10 black fix patch

Credits to Verokster.

Supported games:

  • American Conquest
  • American Conquest: Fight Back
  • American Conquest: Divided Nation
  • American Conquest: HEW & HDN mods


Fixes & features:

  • Games render via OpenGL
  • Games can now easily minimize on new OS
  • Games can now easily switch into windowed/fullscreen mode
  • Fixed problem with 1024x768x8 display mode
  • Fixed problem with intro movies, i.e., no needs to rename video folder


Key combinations:

  • Alt+Enter – Windowed/Fullscreen mode
  • Alt+F – On/Off FPS counter
  • Alt+M – Mouse capture (for windowed mode)



  1. Remove all compability modes for your game
  2. Download archive below
  3. Extract its content into your game root
  4. Launch the game via dmcr.exe
Size: 20 KB