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Date of publish: 22/11/2020 19:14 CET

The undead have risen and are once again trying to take over the world.They have destroyed to City of Dawn, the city of the elves, and… waitdoes this sound familiar to anyone? Heroes is the first part of a trilogy.

The basic story is tried and true and reminds me of all the fantasygames and books I’ve read. There’s a war between light and dark and apowerful mage who held the balance between good and evil, as he was theguardian of the “World Crown.” Well, this guy, Octon, realizes thatsince he’s going to die pretty soon, the crown in the wrong hands couldlead to devastation. So he hides it and promptly disappears. With hisdisappearance, the different legions try to vie for power. The undead,in a different approach, search for the crown. They are mindlesskilling machines and will stop at nothing to find the crown. You startthe game in the middle of the Elven city being destroyed. And there’sthe story. You have to save the world from the Undead and eventuallytrack down this crown. One crown to rule them all…


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