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by: Peffy
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Date of publish: 22/11/2020 20:16 CET

In 2005, Heroes of Annihilated Empires looked to be a promising title with the interesting concept of being able to see fantasy and modern time periods intersect. Unfortunately, it appears that a lot of the promising was for naught, as the title has the hallmarks of another run-of-the-mill RTS. The genre-hybrid hook seems to have been entirely forgotten, with few exceptions. Yes, there were random half-destroyed fighter jets and tanks occasionally found in a few missions. The final cut scene, which sets up the sequel, also contained elements with this slant but overall it felt gimmicky.

As Elhant, the stories’ hero with a more confrontational than cooperative attitude, players partake in 16 missions during the campaign against the armies of the undead. Leading the Elves, players also align themselves with the Mechanicians and the Cyros. The overall gameplay and mission design doesn’t really stand out from its competition. Battles boil down to using the underpowered melee units as a wall while the overpowered archers pick them off and the Hero uses his attacks and special powers to clean up whatever is left…


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