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Date of publish: 21/11/2020 9:28 CET

I’m a fan of genre blending in some respects so it’s been encouraging over the last couple of years to see RTS developers turning to other genres for inspiration to make their games more interesting and fun whether that be through the use of heroes, persistent elements, or action tie-ins. Over this next year, we’ll see even more of those with games including GSC and CDV’s Heroes of Annihilated Empires. This latest mix of RTS and RPG promises plenty of big strategy and deep RPG elements for the heroes of the game. Not only that, but GSC is also promising a three part series of which this is the first. We had a chance to check out a playable build of the game and have seen all of these elements including glimpses of where the series will be heading in the future.

The story of this first game follows a young elf hero named Elhant as he rallies the forces of good to lay the smack down as hostilities between Elves and the Undead head towards a cataclysmic battle. The bigger question with the story isn’t necessarily whether good and evil will throw insults at each other but what happens next. Even in this one level demo that we were given to play, there is a clue towards the future of the trilogy as right after one of the level’s first goals has been completed a tank (yes, a modern piece of mobile armor) goes rolling down the road and right through some skeletons. Guh? …


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