GSC was founded 1995 in Kyiv (Kiev).
At the beginning the Ukrainians were preoccupied with creation of multimedia encyclopedias and edutainment programs, which were widely popular in Ukraine and Russia.
From 1997 on the company has been putting its efforts purely into game technology and computer game development.
The first game was the non-commercial project Warcraft2000, which allowed gathering a devoted team of programmers, artists, designers and musicians.
This resulted in development of the companie’s first commercial project – the historical real-time strategy game Cossacks: European Wars. At the spur of the moment GSC got the break through in 2001.
Including the two Addons (The Art of War and the stand alone version Back to War) Cossacks has been sold over 2.5 million times up to now and ranks among the most succesful RTS Games ever.
Especially because of the enorme, never seen armies with up to 8000 soldiers on one battlefield, Cossacks got many fans all over the world.
The unofficial follower of Cossacks American Conquest was released in November 2002 and was also reviewed very high by the specialised press (Gamestar: 83%; Gamershall.de :90%, Gamecaptain.de: 85%, …).
The recently released Addon Fight Back expands the game with new nations, new campains, new units and a new battlefield mode.
All games of the Cossacks series are published by the German Publisher CDV.
So as well Cossacks2, which will be released in April 2005 and which will continue the very succesful series.
Not only with RTS Games, but also with 3D Shooter GSC had made a name for itsself.
Codename: Outbrake (released 2001) and and Firestarter were the first games developed by GSC in this genre, which will soon be expanded with the up-and-coming Blockbuster S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl.

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