The infamous series launched the Cossacks on their world conquest under the subtitle European Wars. It was originally going to be called European Wars: Warlord’s Style, but later the Ukrainian national pride, Cossacks, was added to the title. Released in Russia and Germany in late 2000, and then in Western markets in spring 2001, the strategy game came at the perfect time – everyone was eager for more of the then-popular genre, and the Age of Empires series was undeniably fuelled by it. The game’s sales figures were beyond imagination, and the developers and publisher knew there was no stopping…

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Following the success of Cossacks: European Wars, the publisher has green-flagged the developers that the market demands a sequel. The popular add-on format at the time was seen as a way to expand Cossacks. The Age of Enlightenment was already being shaped after the release of the first instalment. The initial plans were scaled back quite a bit, and due to the influence of Microsoft’s legal department (they didn’t agree to use “Age of”) it was renamed The Art of War, but the Ukrainian guys still put a great burnout on the table.

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Cossacks: The Art of War couldn’t deliver everything the developers wanted, and it was a financially guaranteed success – hence the decision to develop a second expansion pack. The gameplay was refined, the planned projects were completed and the multiplayer mode became a classic by listening to the community – Back to War in a nutshell. But the guys were already working on their next big thing, a full-fledged second part.

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