Cossacks 3 – Cheats

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Cheats only work in single player mode!
Cheats can be entered in the message box that opens after pressing ENTER or Ctrl + ENTER. After typing, press ENTER again.
Cheat code: Description:
showallmissions Makes all missions available.
res %resource% %amount%

You can give ourselves resources with it.

Usage:% resource% should be replaced by the type of resources, which can be food, wood, stone, gold, iron, coal, or all if you want everything.

% amount% indicates the amount.

Example: res food 100,000 – You get 100,000 foods

res all 200000 – you get 200000 from all resources


You can turn off the fixed camera position, making it completely free to adjust.

Use: CTRL + MMB (middle mouse button – scroll wheel) and move the mouse at the same time

You can also use Ctrl + PageUp / Ctrl + PageDown to adjust the angle.

The Home key resets to the default view.


The www code was also available in the first Cossacks games. Thanks to this code we can activate additional modules!

Use Ctrl + F to turn Fog of War on and off.

Use Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V to copy and paste units.

After pressing P, by clicking on the arrow in the upper right corner, you will find a menu from which you can access all the units (including misc!) and buildings of all nations and place them on the map.

With the 1,2,3 … 9 keys on the numeric keypad you can switch to the other players who are currently in  the game!

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