Cossacks 3: Box Arts

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Cossacks 3 came out in the world with 3 different cover styles: in several countries, the game was put on store shelves by Koch Media, focusing more on German audiences. As a result, our favorite strategy got a more impressive look compared to the Eastern, minimalist version. The reason for the latter is mostly that in this region there were several distributors of the game, which differed from country to country (for expamle: hungarian distributor was PlayON).
Standard editions:

Standard version for market of Germany and Austria

Distributor: Koch Media

Standard version for market of France

Distributor: Koch Media


Standard version for market of Poland


Standard version for market of East Europe

Distributor: PlayON (Hungary)

Polish Collector’s Edition:

The exclusive pre-order edition for Poland was accompanied by a unique cover. It was created by Adrianna Glowacka on behalf of, in which you can see the Cossacks and the Polish winged hussars tensioning each other.


Opposing parties – approximation (source: ArtStation)
Cover (source: ArtStation) Sketch (source: ArtStation)

Gold Editions:
Another interesting thing about covers is that, according to evidence on the Internet, the Gold Edition for the game has appeared in two countries, Germany and the Czech Republic, which includes the base game and its DLCs.
Gold Edition for Czech Republic Gold Edition of the “imposing German”

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