Cossacks: Back to War – FAQ

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General Questions


What is Cossacks: Back to War?
A real-time strategist’s dream come true! Back to War is the second add-on to Cossacks: European Wars. Following the huge success of the first add-on, Cossacks: The Art of War, we are serving up endless RTS action with Cossacks: Back To War. What’s in it? More nations, more battles, more fun! Fight your way across the battlefields of Europe, seek allies and vanquish the enemy. It’s yet another must for any Cossacks fan!


What new nations are there?
The second add-on sends you to battle alongside or against Swiss units armed to the teeth and powerful Hungarians.


What is Back to War about?
Throughout the 15th century, the tactics of the European armies underwent truly revolutionary changes. As a result, the infantryman became one of the major figures of the army, while infantry subdivisions began to influence the outcome of battles. The major role in this process was played by the Swiss confederacy. The Swiss infantrymen clearly proved the power of their infantry subdivisions in opposing the knights’ cavalry. They created an effective system of army recruitment and supply. Subsequently, Swiss mercenaries were generally hired by European rulers.


How many new single player missions are there?
A total of 100 (that’s one hundred) missions.


How difficult are the missions?
Each mission comes with 4 different levels of difficulty – from easy to very hard.


Do the original Cossacks: EW features still apply?
Yes, everything from the classic limit of 8,000 units per map to the random map generator is still included.


I want more units! Please.
Okay. The package includes the Mod1 with 30 new units and 3 new cannons. Mod1 runs separately.

Game Questions


What’s life like in Switzerland?
Relaxing. By the way, each new nations possesses a new architecture with 20 new buildings and 4 new units.


Do any of the other nations have new units at all?
Yes, Turkey and Algeria now have Bedouins (riding on camels).


What new units are there?
Switzerland: halberdier, lance knight with sword, harquebusier, 18th century warrior, light cavalryman of the 18th century (mounted chasseur), 18th century chasseur.
Hungary: Militiaman (mounted), frontiersman, Pandur, mounted Pandur and camel-mounted Bedouin.


Are there any extra features?
Yes, new orders from Cossacks: The Art of War, such as “Guard” and “Patrol”, giving orders while the game is paused, creating formations and the new start options for the map generator – from starting with armies to playing on huge maps!


What exactly is Mod1?
The Mod1 is a modification of Cossacks: The Art of War. With the help of the Ukrainian developer of Cossacks – GSC – and the publisher CDV, Shaun Fletcher created more than 30 new ground units and 3 new cannons for Cossacks, while Stefan Hertrich coordinated and procured the material required (scans of uniforms, historical facts), created the parameter values with the help of his test team and slightly adjusted the Cossacks gameplay. It runs separately.


What units does Mod1 provide?
– the long sought-after strong Algerian musketeer: Bashi Bozouk
– the coast defence cannon to fend off powerful add-on ships
– the Turkish infantryman with protection against multi-barrelled cannons
– the Venetian 17th century elite musketeer
– 2 new weapons for the 17th century: the European 17th century cannon and the Ottoman cannon
– 6 new units each for England and Sweden
plus various new units for Russia, Poland, France, Austria, Piemonte, etc.


What’s behind the championship system and spectator mode?
We’re not telling – not yet.


When will there be a third Cossacks add-on?
Time will tell.


Is American Conquest another add-on to Cossacks too?
No, American Conquest is a complete new game. It’s partly based on the Cossacks engine, but it includes many new orders and processes that are totally different from what you’re used to in Cossacks – not to mention the new setting, graphics and units.

Technical Questions


Basic Information
Cossacks: Back to War has the same requirements as Cossacks: The Art of War.


Do I need Cossacks: European Wars to play?
No, it’s a stand alone.


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