Review from digitalentertainmentnews

#AmericanConquestDividedNationReview Date of publish: 16/09/2021 16:37 CET If you ask a person on the street what the next major American conflict was after our Revolutionary War, they will probably say the Civil War. That is unless they know that at one point the British came back to America to try and reassert control over their […]

Review from StrategyInformer

#AmericanConquestAnthologyReview Date of publish: 16/11/2020 20:21 CET While strategy is to be commended here, the incredibly dated engine and the beyond boring interface would be enough for any general to surrender before they even begin. There are a lot of troops to the battlefield which is a big factor for the games engine but come […]

Review from Hexus

#AmericanConquestAnthologyReview Date of publish: 16/11/2020 20:05 CET Whilst sipping rather salty tea, Nick Haywood reviews this historically based RTS and wonders whether wearing a Union Jack t-shirt in Boston was a good idea… Now it’s not often that we review anthologies, normally because we’d look at each individual game and the subsequent expansion packs as […]

Review from Worthplaying

#AmericanConquestDividedNationReview Date of publish: 16/11/2020 19:51 CET American Conquest: Divided Nation is a real-time strategy game based upon events in early American history. In the game, Players will take on the role of Civil War general, Texas militia leader or pirate captain. Building upon the successful American Conquest franchise, Divided Nation offers nine historically inspired […]

Review from Armchair General Magazine

#AmericanConquestDividedNationReview Date of publish: 16/11/2020 19:45 CET If patriotism is the last refuge of scoundrels as Samuel Johnson said, then semantics is the last refuge of designers of historical games. Using phrases like “based on” and “inspired by” allows designers to pick and choose the areas on which they want to concentrate. Historical purists will […]

Review from PC Gameworld

#AmericanConquestDividedNationReview Date of publish: 16/11/2020 19:40 CET American Conquest: Divided Nation is an unattractive RTS game that could have faired better if it had been released a few years ago. American Conquest: Divided Nation is a real-time strategy game, if can’t notice by the graphics. It is based upon events during the American Civil War, […]

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#AmericanConquestDividedNationReview Date of publish: 16/11/2020 19:28 CET It’s a shame that there aren’t more strategy games set in 19th century America. For a period that enjoys so much attention from amateur historians and hobbyists, it seems like the neglected child of historical strategy games. We get tons of World War 2 games, a surfeit of […]

Review from Gameplanet

#AmericanConquestDividedNationReview Date of publish: 16/11/2020 19:16 CET LET’S REWIND TIME FIVE years… okay, American Conquest is a great game. It has cutting-edge isometric sprite-based graphics, support for armies of thousands of troops (putting Age of Empires in its place) and comes with nine massive campaigns that entertainingly display the time period just prior to the […]

Review from CVG

#AmericanConquestDividedNationReview Date of publish: 16/11/2020 19:03 CET No divided opinion here over this one – it’s an RTS expansion snooze-a-thon Now let’s face it – the American civil war was not the most interesting of conflicts for a game. In fact, we’ve seen drunken scuffles outside The Pig Fancier’s Arms of a Friday night that […]

Review from Loadedinc

#AmericanConquestDividedNationReview Date of publish: 16/11/2020 18:49 CET Gameplay is more important than graphics, right? That’s what you’ll hear on any gaming message board, alongside posts where people are comparing benchmarks scores for their new $500 video card. We gamers can be a contradictory lot, wouldn’t you say? In American Conquest: Divided Nation, GSC Game World […]