Review from GamersInfo

#AlexanderReview Date of publish: 19/11/2020 18:14 CET Just in case you weren’t already in “Alexander overload”, you can play a real-time strategy game based on the Hollywood flop. With a tag line of “Fortune Favors the Bold” one might have expected some sort of innovative new take on the genre, but don’t expect anything “bold” […]

Review from CVG

#AlexanderReview Date of publish: 19/11/2020 18:10 CET ‘Based on Oliver Stone’s Epic Film’ read the words emblazoned on the box. That should help it shift some copies, because the quality of the game certainly won’t. Reeking of a rush job and criminally lacking imagination, Alexander looks about as appealing as something you’d scrape off your […]

Review from GameSpy

#AlexanderReview Date of publish: 19/11/2020 17:53 CET The quote on the back of the box for Alexander (from the Roman poet Virgil) is “fortune favors the bold.” Well, sometimes fortune doesn’t. In fact, sometimes fortune’s idea of “bold” is shoving your head into a toilet and flushing repeatedly. I’m sure that’s not what the developers […]

Review from Game Chronicles

#AlexanderReview Date of publish: 19/11/2020 17:36 CET Alexander the Great: Man, myth… game? Yes, gamers. It’s true. Another historical figure (and movie) game tie-in. Does Alexander live up to its brethren? It does and more. This Ubisoft game gives games like Populous, the Sims (if they brutally killed each other) and even ActRaiser a new […]

Review from Boomtown

#AlexanderReview Date of publish: 18/11/2020 16:27 CET Boomtown’s clean up crew stand on high alert at the risk of the latest movie to game transition. Fingers crossed. Alexander, Colin Farrell. He’s on the front case of the game box, the manual and his image even appears on the CDs. It doesn’t take a genius to […]

Review from Eurogamer

#AlexanderReview Date of publish: 18/11/2020 16:14 CET Much like The Hitman and Her for the pre-Romans. Please remember: as you read this, Cybertron is under threat. The planet-destroying Chaos God, Unicron, is approaching the Transformer’s home-planet. While already ploughed a path through the civilised Galaxy, it seems he plans to consume its two moons before […]

Review from Loadedinc

#AlexanderReview Date of publish: 18/11/2020 16:10 CET So you’re no doubt aware of the awfulness that was the movie Alexander—Oliver Stone’s bomb of a biography on one of history’s greatest warrior kings. What you may not have been aware of is the fact that they made a game of it. At first, I didn’t think […]

Review from Worthplaying

#AlexanderReview Date of publish: 18/11/2020 15:39 CET Alexander is, before I go any further, not a memorable game by any stretch of the imagination. I hadn’t watched Oliver Stones movie of the same name prior to beginning this review, so I jumped into the game with no expectations (other than already existing historical knowledge). After […]

Review from 1UP

#AlexanderReview Date of publish: 17/11/2020 20:19 CET With a few notable exceptions, games based on movies tend to suck. Even games based on really good movies tend to suck. So how about a game based on a movie that garnered some of the worst reviews of the year, bombed, and was generally laughed at? Welcome […]

Review from GameSpot

#AlexanderReview Date of publish: 17/11/2020 20:03 CET In this day and age, it’s inevitable that a game will be created based on a high-profile action adventure movie. History tells us that these games stink for the most part, and Alexander, which ties in with Oliver Stone’s movie of the same name, unfortunately falls into this […]