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#Cossacks2Review Date of publish: 26/10/2020 18:59 CET Sequel to a complex, involving 2001 real-time strategy game set in the 17th and 18th centuries, Cossacks 2 brings the same concepts of large unit combat and complex resource management to the Napoleonic era. It’s not a real-time strategy game for everybody, and certainly has its shortcomings, but […]

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#Cossacks2Review Date of publish: 26/10/2020 18:48 CET Cossacks II, a real time strategy game from publisher CDV Software, tackles an era that is rarely represented in today’s big budget releases. Let’s face it—there just are not that many Napoleon-era titles on the market, so using this much neglected era as a backdrop is a good […]

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#Cossacks2Review Date of publish: 26/10/2020 18:36 CET Thus far, 2005 has been a lackluster year for strategy games. Luckily, April has brought three great titles from which to choose from here in the U.S. Ironically, they are sequels to successful games: Empire Earth II, Stronghold II, and Cossacks II. The latter, Cossacks II, may not […]

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#Cossacks2Review Date of publish: 26/10/2020 18:30 CET Like clockwork, the RTS genre just keeps getting bigger and bigger, and smarter and deeper in the process. GSC Gameworld and CDV are not strangers to the genre, but despite the fact the original Cossacks and its addons did sell reasonably well, the series was never truly established […]

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#Cossacks2Review Date of publish: 26/10/2020 18:22 CET The emperor Napoleon’s downfall was his overreaching ambitions, so it is ironic that Cossacks II: The Napoleonic Wars suffers from the complex named after France’s infamous leader. Where the original Cossacks was a straightforward and balanced RTS, this sequel attempts to take the series in a completely new […]

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#Cossacks2Review Date of publish: 25/10/2020 20:07 CET Cossacks II: Napoleonic Wars is a beautifully created sequel that easily has Game of the Year potential. Reenacting major battles throughout Europe’s history, you can command one of six nations on their conquest for total domination. While other games of this genre rely on brute force to subdue […]

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#Cossacks2Review Date of publish: 25/10/2020 18:11 CET  With this year marking the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar, it seems a bit fitting that the Napoleonic Wars seem to be getting a little more attention than normal. Case in point is Cossacks II: Napoleonic Wars, the follow-up to 2000’s Cossacks and the latest game […]

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#Cossacks2Review Date of publish: 25/10/2020 18:04 CET April 26, 2005 – I like historical strategy games and every once in a great while I get the urge to break out of the more traditional eras. You know, play something that focuses on a time period between the Crusades and the Second World War. Unfortunately, there […]

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#Cossacks2Review Date of publish: 25/10/2020 17:40 CET Welcome to 19th Century Europe. Welcome to the century revolving around the Napoleonic wars. This is an age of black powder weapons where you will be in command of various units from Musketeers to Grenadiers and from Cavalry to Cannons. There will be no radio, few supply lines, […]

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#Cossacks2Review Date of publish: 25/10/2020 17:31 CET GSC Game World has finished work on Cossacks II, a Napoleonic RTS. The stage is Europe, and the players are all your favorite European powers. GSC Game World did a fine job in putting this piece together, from the introductory movie, which is reminiscent of a historical war […]