Support FAQ

Why doesn’t the game start after installation? Please check to confirm you have the correct Cossacks II: Napoleonic Wars game play CD in your CD-ROM drive. Please close all non-essential programs. Provided your CD is in the correct drive, this problem can also be caused by the installation of a CD-ROM emulator, thus it is […]

Encyclopedia: Tactics

Military tactics of Napoleonic period Napoleon developed and put into practice the first concept of blitzkrieg. Bonaparte was the only person who knew how to make the best of it back at that time. His style of conducting operations became a real shock for many European commanders. If the armies could previously play cat and […]

Encyclopedia: Weapons

Infantry musket At the beginning of the eighteenth century, a famous French fortifier engineer, Vauban innovated what would seem insignificant – improved musket flintlock that was simple and reliable. From that moment on a flintlock musket with a socket bayonet (also invented by Vauban) became a basic and, in fact, the only authorized infantry weapon. […]

Encyclopedia: Cavalry

French Cavalry Probably, none of the contemporary commanders appreciated cavalry as much as the emperor of France did. Being well aware of its combat potential Napoleon frequently used light cavalry to conceal movements of the main army and to scout for enemy locations and maneuvers. He also strongly believed in massive cavalry attacks on a […]

Units: Infantry

Musketeers Russian infantryman was a steadfast and courageous soldier. At the same time, he was illiterate and badly equipped. A distinctive feature of the Russian infantry was inferior armament and poor supply. Officer staff mostly consisted of the foreigners. Armed with a musket, bayonet and broadsword musketeers formed the backbone of the Russian infantry. They […]

Nations – Austria

The countrys capital is Vienna. Located in the central Europe, by 1799 Austria was bounded on the north and west by Prussia and the territories of German kingdoms, princedoms and duchies; on the east by the Russian empire; on the east and south-east by Ottoman Empire; on the south by Parma and Ragusa. Besides the […]

The Mode – Battle for Europe

You can play for one of six nations in the “Battle for Europe” mode. The game begins on the global map. Here you can see all the territories subordinated to you or to your enemies, their defense level, the presence of opponent’s commanders in these or other sectors as well as information on relationships with […]