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What should players expect in Cossacks: The Art of War?

Single players can look forward to new single missions, new historical battles and extensive campaigns with selectable degrees of difficulty. Multiplayers will now be fighting for the best positions in the new Global Rating List. Both will be able to enjoy the new diversified map and start menus with variable options, e.g. by starting with an army, with log cabins, selecting a peace time, etc.


What’s new in the Cossacks add-on?

New ships, new nations, new units, a map editor and the ability to create alliances with the computer, to trade resources, configure how a game will begin and to record it make Cossacks a whole new experience.


Have the technical requirements changed?

Basically, the old requirements of the original Cossacks still apply (Pentium 233). However, to use the new 16 times (!) larger maps, players should own at least a Pentium III 500 MHz machine with 256 MB of available RAM to ensure that the game will run smoothly.


What is the replay function all about?

The Art of War provides a handy function, which lets you record a game using a virtual camera. That way you can sit back later and watch your game, including your opponent’s strategies. Naturally, players can freely regulate the playback speed. Ideal for communities, competitions and ladder systems.


What kinds of difficulty levels are available?

In campaigns and single missions, you can choose an easy, normal, hard or very hard level. This also applies to games on random maps. You can also set the difficulty level of AI opponents.


Will players be able to load saved games of Cossack: EW in Cossacks: The Art of War?
Cossacks: The Art of War cannot use saved games from Cossacks: European Wars – or vice versa. After installing Cossacks: TAoW, you will still be able to choose whether you want to play the original Cossacks: European Wars or Cossacks: The Art Of War.


Do I require the original version of Cossacks: European Wars?

Yes. You must have the original Cossacks: European Wars installed on your computer to be able to install Cossacks: The Art of War.


What new random map options are there?

A number of functions have been added to the random map. These include difficulty levels for computer opponents, team settings, useful options for larger maps and variable starting positions and map settings.


Can you start a game with a complete army?

Yes. You can choose to start a random map game with an army, a big army, an extensive army, towers, cannons, artillery, etc.


How can you take a screenshot?

That’s simple: Just press the F11 key.


What is a game with different nations?

All players receive a mixed group of peasants from all nations involved. Thus players will be able to build the same buildings as their opponents. Thereby you can e.g. create an army using all available buildings from any of the nations involved.


Is peace given a chance?

Yes. There is a special peace time mode. This is a special option you can select for both single player and multiplayer games. Activating the peace time causes a cease fire at the beginning of the game, which gives you time to build up your economy and army before the war starts. You can set the peace time to last from 10 minutes up to 4 hours!


I don’t want my peasants to be captured. Is there anything I can do to stop it?

Use the new function to limit the captures. You can choose not to capture peasants and centres, or to only capture artillery.


What are log cabins? What are they used for?

In random map mode, you can choose to start with log cabins. These are excellent defensive structures containing 10 marksmen. Log cabins can be used to defend yourself against sudden attacks.


Can cannons attack at long range?

Yes. You can use the new “Attack Ground” option (in random map and multiplayer games) to do this.


Can you issue commands while the game is paused?

Yes. Press the pause key on your keyboard to pause the game. You can now issue commands to your units, which will be carried out when you continue your game.


Can units be ordered to guard or patrol?

Yes, military units in the game have two new commands available: guard and patrol. This means you can order units to guard a building or another unit. The guards will always remain close to the building or follow a unit they are guarding.


Is there anything important to know about formations?

Yes. You can assign slow cavalry units to rank, column or wedge formations. If you have a number of officers and drummers, you can also determine the size of your formations. Furthermore, there is a function that allows you to “replenish” a formation, provided you have enough units available. Another added function is the ability to group formations and thus create huge armies. Grouped formations will move as a single fighting force, which you can select with a single click of your mouse.


Can you just fire away as well?

Yes. The cannons in the random map and multiplayer modes of the add-on have an option that lets them do this. Use the “Attack Ground” command to fire at any area on the map. You don’t need to target enemy units or buildings directly any more. The cannons can fire at long range. You can simply select the new order and keep any area you like under constant fire.


What additions have been made to the multiplayer mode?

You mean apart from the new Capture Territory-mode? Well, you can ban unpopular players, for instance. The host lays down the law! You can also send resources to your friends.


What is the Global Rating System?

It’s what will make you rich and famous. Well, almost. From now on, players playing Cossacks on the Internet will be able to fight for the top ranks in a worldwide list. Your efforts and military successes are rewarded by a system developed especially for Cossacks: The Art of War. Every player receives his or her own coat of arms, which can be embellished bit by bit. You will begin as an Esquire, but one day you may be King!


I love the sea. What ships are available in the add-on?

Admiral Nelson’s flagship “Victory” is a highlight. The “Victory”, as it is re-named in the add-on, was a ship of the line – a battleship fighting on the keel line. It’s a typical 100-cannon ship of the late 18th century. This unit is the strongest and most expensive ship in the game and can be repaired. Then there’s the famous French frigate “Flora”. This was the prototype of the 18th century frigate. There are a total of six new ships available.


I’m a single player. Does that matter?

Of course not. We have developed new missions and campaigns especially for single players. These are based on events of the 17th and 18th centuries and include 30 missions. The first campaign is Polish, and is all about the historic events in Poland in the 17th century. The second campaign is the Algerian one, focusing on piracy in the Mediterranean. The third campaign is the Prussian one, which deals with the wars of Prussian King Frederick. The fourth campaign throws a light on the historic events of 17th and 18th century Austria. The fifth centres on Saxony and deals with the wars Saxony was involved in the 17th and 18th centuries.


What the heck is a galleass?

It’s a ship! The Venetians were trendsetters when it came to building and using oar-driven ships. Their fleet included numerous galleys, and the most expensive and strongest oar-driven ship, the galleass. This battleship has three masts and can be up to 70 metres long – longer than a galley.


Are there any other new units?

Yes. The 18th century musketeer (Bavaria) and the Prussian hussar.


What are the attack parameters of the Prussian 18th century musketeer?

Attack: 24 (pike), shots: 55.


Can you issue commands on the mini-map?



What new historical battles are there?

There are a total of six new historical battles: The Battle of Dunbar (1650, English Civil War), the Battle of Hohenfriedberg (1745, Austrian War of Succession), the Battle of Marston Moor (1644, English Civil War), the Battle of Mook (1574, Dutch Revolution), the Battle of Newport (1600, Dutch Revolution), the Battle of Rimnik (1789, Russo-Turkish War).


Is it true that there are new landscape types?

We created more than 200 different objects for added plant and animal life and landscapes. You can also combine landscape types.


How many single missions are there?

There are six new single player missions containing events form the Crimean War and the Colonial Wars of Portugal and England against the Netherlands, the wars of liberation in Ukraine, the Polish wars against Turkey, Ukraine’s war against Turkey and the Great Northern War.


Is that all?

Of course not. But we’re not going to tell you everything. All we’re saying is: Your peasants are more brainy now! Workers you assign to mines will automatically enter them once they are built and work as miners down below. There are new hot keys and lots more …

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