Steam Autumn Sale: cheaper Cossacks 3!

by: Peffy
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Dear friends!
We’re glad to announce that Cossacks 3 is participating in the Steam Autumn Sale! 
With a recent addition of bigger maps, 8th player and our own Mod Manager, grab a copy while it’s hot! For a duration of the sale, Standard edition of Cossacks 3 is 10% off, while the Deluxe Edition is 15% off. And if you already own the game, but want to be the first to get a hold on the upcoming DLCs, surprises and bonuses, get the Digital Deluxe Edition upgrade with a whopping discount of 20%!
So jump in, join the ever-growing community and prepare yourself for an avalanche of upcoming updates and expansions in the coming weeks!
Have a nice day!




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Date of publish: 23.11.2016

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