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Date of publish: 23/09/2016 21:57 CET

News from Cossacks 3 Facebook page:


Friends, 90 percent of known random crashes and dropdown FPS solved with following solutions:


1. Upgrade to the latest version of the game.


2. Our local detective found out that software named “”, which is automatically installed with “AMD Gaming Evolved”, causes the game to have poor performance (2-10 times lower than should be),
and to crash randomly (usually after 2-30 minutes of uptime).

We have reports that this fix will solve before mentioned issues some players had on their PCs . If you encounter such problem, please follow these steps:

Check if you have installed on your PC. It is usually can be found in a system tray. You can also find it in your Task Manager\Process by the names: plays_ep64.exe, playstv.exe
Close this application.
Check if processes are also closed and terminate them manually if necessary. In most cases closing them through system tray should be enough.
Launch the game.
Please report your results to help other players. Does the random crashing stops? Does your performance has a significant boost?

We have received reports that another programs has the same effect
– Xsplit Gamecaster
– Raptr
or other streaming software!
This issues exists both on AMD and NVidia video cards.
This software is used to record and stream your gameplay. Perhaps there are other similar software products which may lead to the same issues.
If you find such software, please let us know.


3. The problems with poor performance on laptops:
Manually set a video card the game should choose


4. Add the application to the Windows DEP exception.
Most of the errors related to the departures (Access violation error, which could happen in the span of a few minutes to several hours) mostly provoked settings Windows DEP. Active DEP could also be the cause of poor performance.
On newer versions of Windows Microsoft prohibits applications add themselves to the DEP exception list.
This can be avoided by running the game “as an administrator”, it will give the game the ability to add themselves to the list of DEP exceptions.
To do this, go to the folder with the game, which is usually located at the following address:
C: \ Program Files \ Steam \ SteamApps \ common \ Cossacks 3 \
Right-click on cossacks.exe and select “Run as administrator”. It only takes one time to solve the problem.
Alternatively, you can manually disable DEP, or add the game to the list of exceptions:


5.Remove or vice versa enable the vertical sync
Details — how to do it. Right-click on an empty space on the desktop, and then select the Properties button from the context menu. In the Display Properties, go to the Settings tab window that appears. Next, click on the Advanced button on the tab. In the window that appears, navigate to the tab with the name of your video card (NVIDIA, ATI and other graphics). Typically, this tab is somehow highlighted or colorfully decorated. Then your graphics card settings window (on your graphics card’s control panel) – you will be depending on your graphics card name (NVIDIA GeForce or ATI Radeon) go in 3D-graphics setup or just the graphics settings or parameters 3D-applications. Then, after the transition to the 3D-graphics setting in the options list, you need to find the corresponding synchronization point (depending on the video card’s control panel interface): it can be either Vertical Sync or Vertical synchronization, or simply V-Sync. Then at this settings point you will need to disable or enable vertical sync. Change the value from ON to OFF or vice versa, or from the 3D application control from Enable to Disable (depending on the interface settings).


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