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Dear friends! 
Today we’ll slightly open the curtain and provide you with some exciting insights on our upcoming DLC – Cossacks 3: Days of Brilliance.
New look for additional units in our upcoming DLC was created in the same way as for the base game. A raw sketch, few examples you can see below, is created by our historical advisor – a guy that makes sure we won’t accidentally make winged hussars an exclusive unit of Turkey or nerf glorious serdiuks in any possible way. Jokes aside, it is a crucial member of our team, that’s responsible for historical accuracy of… everything in our game: from the names of units to the way hetmans sit on their horses. 


After getting a rough sketch and some points about a proper color scheme, we forward the info to the guys responsible for in-game models. This is the main difference between Cossacks 1 and Cossacks 3, as in the first iteration we used sprites – simple two-dimensional drawings, while every unit in C3 is a full-fledged 3D model, which you can thoroughly examine at every angle. Some may call our models a bit crude, but what other game can support up to 16,000 units per map, eh? 🙂


By the way, sketches below may give you a hint on what new unique units for Denmark, the Netherlands and Poland to expect in our upcoming DLC, ‘Days of Brilliance’. Will you be able to guess their roles and names? 
That’s it for today, stay tuned as more exciting news are coming in the nearest future 🙂
Have a nice day!


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