Season Clash 4: Here are the teams and group schedule

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Date of publish: 14/05/2018 18:58 CET

Season Clash 4 will be held between 14 and 20th of May, and spectators can only join from 18th of May. The first team-based tournament begins with the qualifiers, where squads of 2 players compete against each other for entry. The draws have arrived, which look like the following:

1. team:

ID Names of teams Players
1A ProstoTeam funny_ru and [IGO]+4K+yma
1B Risky Brothers [R]Hruska and [BiA]Nelj
1C Golden Guys [GFF]Petru_BwM and LaPanthera
1D Импровизация [-UNION-]Artempro and Kupnu4

2. team:

ID Names of teams Players
2A Inglorius Basterds [GT]Colourfit and [-OG-]SirBillo
2B 10fps [-RA-]Sanek_PCT and Oldman
2C Золоті шаблі [GFF]Airon and [-NF-]Detrom
2D Inglorious inquisition [GFF]Vahagn and [-NF-]Fulcrum

3. team:

ID Names of teams Players
3A RAMPAGE [KR.S]Atom and [-RA-]Frag
3B OVERRATED TEAM [GP]Sir_Artius and [GP]Fenek
3C Crips [-UNION-]Fenrir and [-NF-]Doctor_K.
3D Воины Кебаба [-UNION-]testopal and [KR.S]Dandy

4. team:

ID Names of teams Players
4A Креативные кругляшки [KR.S]Antoxa and [GFF]Apelsin
4B IronBat [-NF-]Baton and [KR.S]Iron_Hvan
4C 2R [BiA]-Roma23 and [GFF]Rifman
4D asap pls dont smoke (a képeken Team Anonymous) asap and [GP]Demon


The groups play with each other as follows (after the colon, the playable peoples are listed):
1. match: Austria, Ukraine
2. match: Poland, Switzerland
3. match: Bavaria, England
1. match: Venice, Sweden
2. match: Turkey, Piedmont
3. match: Saxony, Russia
1. match: Netherlands, Prussia
2. match: Switzerland, Turkey
3. match: Hungary, France
1. match: Denmark, Venice
2. match: Algeria, Spain
3. match: Ukraine, Piedmont
1. match: Russia, Bavaria
2. match: PRussia, Algeria
3. match: Portugália, Denmark
1. match: England, Poland
2. match: Sweden, Saxony
3. match: France, Netherlands


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