Season Clash 3 is starting next week!

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Season Clash 3 is starting next week! Qualifiers would be held 18-21-th of December, and we’d upload their replays. Double elimination games would be held on 22th of December evening, from morning until dusk on 23th of December and until 16:00 (GMT+3) on 24th of December. All of them would be streamed on our official channels. 
First three places have the following prizes:
  1. place: 300$ and GSC Anthology key
  2. place: 150$ and GSC Anthology key
  3. place: 50$ and GSC Anthology key
Our participants:
  1. [-UNION-]Artempro
  2. [GFF]Petru_BwM
  3. XXX-LEX
  4. [GP]Sir_Artius
  5. [GP]LukaszN
  6. harc_harc
  7. [PKS]mad
  8. [KR.S]torntwo
  9. [KR.S]atom
  10. [-RA-]SAnek_PCT
  11. deeu
  12. colourfit
  13. [-UNION-]Fenrir
  14. [R]Hruska
  15. deadmazey
  16. [-NF-]Baton


You may read more about “Season Clash 3” rules and regulations by following via this link:
Ladder is frozen until the Season Clash 3 would be over. Fourth season would be started on 26-th of December.
Don’t forget to watch on our official Season Clash 3 streams – we’re sure that it’d be an amazing sight.



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