Season Clash 3: Final Day results

by: Peffy
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Date of publish: 24/12/2017 19:41 CET

The final day of Season Clash 2 is over. We did not receive a separate report on the results, so here are the results in text:
Lower Bracket – 4th round (BO1):
XXX-LEX vs. colourfit
[-NF-]Baton vs. [-UNION-]Fenrir
Lower Bracket – 5th round (BO1):
XXX-LEX vs. [-NF-]Baton
Upper Bracket – 3rd round (BO3):
[-RA-]SAnek_PCT vs. [-UNION-]Artempro
Final (BO3):
[-UNION-]Artempro vs. XXX-LEX
Grand Final (BO5):
[-RA-]SAnek_PCT vs. [-UNION-]Artempro
Replacement match:
[-UNION-]Fenrir vs. colourfit


Notice! Unfortunately, there was the first scandal in the history of Season Clash, which affected three players. Developers have not officially announced it, they are only referenced on Cossacks 3 VK site (russian community webpage). According to the developers, it was not about the money, just a friendly help that contributed to the matter, which is why the result of  [-RA-] SAnek_PCT, XXX-LEX and [-NF-] Baton were canceled and and these players were also disqualified. The replacement match between [-UNION-]Fenrir and colourfit was therefore needed.
If you want to watch the final day, you can watch them in videos here (there is no available video about matches of XXX-LEX vs. colourfit and [-UNION-]Fenrir vs. colourfit in english language – just russian).


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