Season Clash 2: date, prize and participants

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Dear friends!
Here comes the long-awaited moment! The top 100 players of second Cossacks 3 ladder season have been found and they’re going to receive special lifetime internet shell signs. Top 16 players are getting a chance to participate in Season Clash 2, fighting for glory and prizes.
We remind that Season Clash 2 is the official Cossacks 3 tournament, which would be held on 29-30-th of September and 1st October. First three places have the following prizes:
  1. place: 300$ and GSC Anthology key 
  2. place: 150$ and GSC Anthology key
  3. place: 50$ and GSC Anthology key


Top16 ladder players:
  1. [-NF-]Baton
  2. [-UNION-]Artempro
  3. [BRP]Balin
  4. [1S]LeXuS
  5. [GFF]Petru_BwM
  6. [-RA-]SAnek_PCT
  7. [-WN-]Stalman
  8. [-UNION-]Fenrir
  9. [-WN-]Vinci
  10. [GP]Sir_Artius
  11. LiptonVpaketike
  12. colourfit
  13. [R]Hruska
  14. [1S]asap
  15. [NMA]BF_InseRt
  16. Freeway
If you’ve found your nickname in this list – please, you will receive an invitation in next 24 hours. If you won’t answer until the 23:59 (GMT+2) of Wednesday, your slot would be given to the next player from ladder.
Ladder is frozen until the Season Clash 2 would be over. Third season would be started on 2-nd of October.
Don’t forget to watch on our official Season Clash 2 streams – we’re sure that it’d be an amazing sight.



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