Season Clash 1: Third round results

Date of publish: 01/07/2017 18:10 CET

Dear friends!
The third day of Season Clash is over! Finale would be played as best of 3 (up to 2 victories), while Grand finale will use best of 5 (up to 3 victories) system. Final games would be started tomorrow. On 02.07 at 13:00 by Kiev time [1S]SecretPlayer would fight [GFF]Petru_BwM. The winner of this match would play with [-RA-]SAnek_PCT for the best Cossack of the first season title. Don’t miss this incredibly exciting finale!
We remind, that finalists are fighting for the next prizes:
  1. place: 300$ and GSC Anthology key;
  2. place: 150$ and GSC Anthology key;
  3. place: 50$ and GSC Anthology key.
Tournament Grid 
We`ll see you on tournament tomorrow!
If you want to watch the games, you can watch them in videos here:


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