Season Clash 1 has begun

by: Peffy
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Dear friends!
The Season Clash has begun!
We`ve got our first matches:
sunx vs [PKS]mad – England
[-NF-]Baton vs colourfit – French
The next matches would be:
[GFF]Petru_BwM – HYPPS
Fulkrum – [U309]rabbit
[-Ra-]SAnek_PCT – [1S]LeXuS
nazariy81 – [-1Nt-]_VRV
Artur – Mindaugas
[1S]SecretPlayer – Current_User
We’ll start our first round right after the qualification games!
You may watch the games live on our YouTube channels: – Russian stream №1 –  Russian stream №2 –  English stream №1 – English stream №2
Today’s matches:


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