Season 4 is starting today

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Fourth ladder season is starting today!
New season holds many interesting updates:
  1. The thing you were asking for so long – team-based ladder games are here! 
    The Fourth season provides 2vs2 ladder games, which will add new tactics and strategies, allowing fiercer, brighter and more exciting battles. It’s possible that we’d see new big names on the path to cossacks olympus! 
    Since this is a new option, it’s possible that sometimes points won’t be added correctly, but we’ll fix it soon. 
    We’re sorry, that start of this season has been slightly delayed, but we wanted to add the new features very much.
  2. This season’s ladder option: 5000, 15pt, random nations, without peasants capture.
  3. As usual, top 100 ladder players, along with winners of the tournament, would receive special badges in internet shell, which would remain for the next seasons. In case player was in top 100 during different ladder seasons, only the best results badge would be displayed.
  4. The season would end with “Season Clash 4” coming afterwards, where the best ladder players would fight fiercely for glory and prizes. Date of the Season Clash 4 (and ending of the 4-th season) would be announced later.
  5. The rating system would be ELO, as in third ladder season. Previous rating would be reset this night. 
Starting of the new season, would mean that last one would have a glorious ending!
We congratulate top100 players, who’ve got unfading glory and respect in our community. 
We’d wish to highlight the three ladder leaders, since achieving a victory on such a long distance is an admirable feat:
1 place – [-UNION-]Artempro
2 place – [GFF]Petru_BwM
3 place – XXX-LEX
The winners of the Third official tournament “Season Clash 3” would also receive special badges:
1 place – [-UNION-]Artempro
2 place – [-UNION-]Fenrir
3 place – colourfit
Good luck in a new season and may the strongest win!


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