Saxony and Bavaria is now availabe for everyone

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Dear friends! 
Starting from today, nations of Saxony and Bavaria are now available to every Cossacks 3 owner, regardless the edition. Each new nation brings exciting new things to the game: unique units, original soundtrack and marvels of its architecture. Make your enemies flee at the sight of your mighty German armies! But we’re not done yet, as not only “newcomers” are getting updated – Sweden and Prussia players cam brag about new units as well!
Full list of new units:
  • Bavarian musketeer
  • Saxon musketeer
  • Bavarian grenadier
  • Prussian grenadier
  • Saxon grenadier
  • Saxon Cavalry Guard
  • Swedish Hakkapeliitta;
Once again, we would like to thank our fans and supporters – you inspire us, and in return we’re doing our best to improve the game. You can also expect to hear more about the amazing upcoming patch pretty soon!


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Date of publish: 22.02.2017

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