Released: Guardians of the Highlands mini-expansion

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Date of publish: 12/04/2017 22:15 CET

Dear friends!
Let the pipes roar and the Jacobites rise, as today the Scottish Clansmen finally descend onto the battlefields of Cossacks 3 with its latest expansion – Guardians of the Highlands.
Strike fear into the hearts of your enemies by commanding the iconic Gaelic Highlanders, or outsmart them with help of our innovative Assistant – an AI that will advise you on the important matter of leading the nation. The new historical campaign will tell a story about the great triumphs of the Scottish nation, while the original musical theme will bring the pipes onto the battlefields of Cossacks 3.
Main Features:
  • Scotland: a brand-new nation with unique game mechanics, units and buildings. Force even the fiercest of foes to flee with help of the mighty highlanders, or turn them to ashes with the Scottish machines of war.
  • New game mechanics: Scotland shall impress even the most hardcore fans, as warriors in kilts, with help of some new tactics and tricks, completely change the way the game is played.
  • Assistant: revolutionary AI-helper that will assist the player with the toughest of tasks – ruling a nation. It will advise the player on what buildings it is better to build with the current resource poul and automatically guide the idle peasants various resource nodes or priority tasks, and much more! From now on there’s no need to waste your time on things not fit for royals, you can focus your attention on things that matter: leading an army and crushing your enemies, while assistant will take care of trivial tasks.
  • Scottish campaign: lead the Gaelic warriors to victory in their bloodiest struggles. From the battle of Marston Moor to the famous Jacobite rising, you shall lead the sons of Alba to glory!
  • New units: nine unique Scottish units shall strike fear in the hearts of your enemies. Highlanders and clansmen are ready to annihilate your enemies.
  • New soundtrack: lead the brave highlanders to victory while a traditional Scottish tune plays in the background.
Scotland is a brand-new nation, that’s why we’re going to shed some light on its units: 
  1. Scotland`s unique feature is its ability to build two different barracks – for highlanders and lowlanders. At the same time, the nation cannot proceed into the 18th century and has no 18th century units or buildings.
  2. The Scottish peasant is non-capturable, just like the Ukrainian one. Though, you can acquire them in a similar way as well – by capturing the town center or any occupied mine. 
  3. Covenant pikeman is an unarmored pikeman with a higher attack, better upgrades and slightly bigger health pool. While he’s able to fight on par with the European pikemen, he`s more vulnerable to ranged attacks 
  4. Covenant musketeer – has more health than his European counterparts. Uses more gunpowder, but shoots further.
  5. Sword clansmen are the Scotland’s main defenders. He’s an unarmored infantry unit, armed with broadsword and shield. Moves a bit faster than other infantry. He has the most health among the foot soldiers. After upgrades has extremely strong attack. We advise to complete all defence and bayonet upgrades for grenadiers / musketeers, if you`re playing against Scotland.
    At the end of 18th century swordsman becomes weaker, therefore we do not recommend Scotland players to participate in long peace time sessions.
  6. Bow clansman has a long ranged bow, that’s designed to set buildings of fire. This comes in handy, as Scotland has no grenadiers. Has a lot of health points.
  7. Lancer – an unarmored cavalry unit with a pike. Has a lot of health, but below average damage.
  8. Raider is a light cavalry unit with a broadsword. Has high health and damage parameters, but takes a while to build. 
  9. Frame gun is a multibarrel cannon. It’s a viable range support, although watch out for friendly fire.
  10. Scotland also has a unique officer with an extremely large health pool.
  11. The mini-expansion is not a part of the Deluxe Edition of the game.


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