Release or not release – that is the question!

by: Peffy
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According to a developer Steam forum post, the game will be released at 16:00 (CET).


16: 15 (CET): The game is not yet available.
Update (CET – 18:50): The developers have found some bugs that they don’t want to leave in the release version, so the game will only be available later, but still today! So the developer nightmare strike again!
However, we still don’t understand why the key was sent to the streamers earlier, who can play the game now…
Update (CET – 19:22): It is currently 2 hours until release.
The picture shows the text in Hungarian. 
“Availabe: 20th of September
There are about 2 hours left until the game is unlocked.”
Update (CET – 20:40): The developers are already testing and preparing the game for release.
Update (CET – 21:00): If that’s really just the size of the game, it will come down soon and we can play with it! Steam is said to only download 968 Mb, but the size after unpacking is around 3 Gb.
Update (CET – 21:20): Released!!!

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