R-Liga tournament on Saturday

by: Peffy
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Date of publish: 04/08/2017 18:35 CET

Dear friends!
This Saturday (05.08 at 20:00 by Kiev), the Rest League would be hosted on 1000 0pt options with nation – Spain. Tournament starts at 20:00 kiev// 19:00 cet as usual. In the end of August, 4 best options would be chosen, which would be used in weekly Rliga season tournament.
You may find additional details about this tournament by following the link:
Registration is open:


And for those, who likes to watch pro-players games, today at 9:00 PM by Kyiv will be the match [-UNION-]Fenrir vs [-UNION-]Artempro
On 5000, 0 pt options by rating rules with mirror nations, best of 5.
Live broadcast by the following link: www.youtube.com/watch?v=IjnIXb-DUqw


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