Question from developers: best mission?

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News from Cossacks 3 Facebook page:

Dear friends!
We are trying to steer development of the game in the direction that pleases you, our player base. To do so, we require your assistance 🙂
Our game is filled with a large variety of missions: some told us engaging stories, other featured grand battles and majority of them reenacted important historical events. We couldn’t choose the best on our own, so we’re now in need of your help. 


What is the best mission you’ve played in Cossacks 3?
  1. Aus 1 – Disrupting enemy schemes
  2. Aus 3 – Conquest of Italy
  3. Eng 1 – The battle of Edgehill
  4. Eng 3 – The battle of Newbarry
  5. Ukr 1 – Rebuilding the Zaporozhian Sich 
  6. Ukr 2 – War in Inflanty 
  7. Ukr 4 – March on Moscow
  8. Rus 4 – War at the North
  9. Fra 1 – On Hospitaller service
  10. Fra 2 – Expedition against Gigelly
We really appreciate your feedback. 
Have a nice day!


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