Patch notes #5 (25.09.2016)

by: Peffy
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Date of publish: 25/09/2016 17:21 CET

News from Cossacks 3 Facebook page:
  1. Game now detect some possible problems in system settings and third-party applications that may lead to game unstable state and give advices to fix it.
  2. Fixed fishboats behaviour
  1. Fixed multiplayer issue, when loading text was shown even after all players loaded in to game. Happend sometime when one of the player was disconnected.
  2. Sometimes multiplayer game were started in wrong way and it could lead to different problems at game start and finish.
  3. Fixed bug, when players scores in multiplayer games were wrong.
  1. Fixed AI behaviour while in peace time
  2. Offline cheats are now available while playing against AI only through internet shell.
Next patch will include:
  1. Fix for problem with Hi-Res and DPI in full screen
  2. If you got disconnected during the game, you will get 30 seconds to return, to reconnect and continue playing.


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