Patch notes #37 (21.06.2018)

by: Peffy
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Date of publish: 21/06/2018 20:06 CET

Cossacks 3 version: v2.
New features:
  1. 1. It’s possible to trade resources between players from same team and players without team. Button is active in multiplayer and random map modes after 15 minutes of game time has passed.
  2. Hotkeys may be remapped in settings.
  3. New starting options:
    – Village. Allows starting the game with Town center, two houses, blacksmith, stables, XVII century barracks.
    – XVII century barracks. Allows starting the game with blacksmith, two XVII century barracks and two log cabins.
    – Log cabins. Allows starting the game with four log cabins.
    – Union. Allows starting the game with allied nation’s peasants. (8 selected nation’s peasants and 8 allied nation’s peasants)
    – Expensive mercenaries (mercenaries prices are tripled)
  4. New random map types: Coastal, Lakes, Rivers.
  5. New panel in internet shell, showing top clans and players on server. Clan’s best five players among top-100 are used to determine the top clans.
  6. New ‘Train woodworkers’ upgrade in port, allowing to repair all the ships.
  7. ‘Profile’ button has been moved to ‘Settings’
  8. New ‘Encyclopedia’ button in main menu. You may check all nations and units basic, fully upgraded and additional (detailed info on upgrades) data.
  9. You may find fixed (non-customizable) hotkeys descriptions in ‘Settings’ now.
  10. Towers shooting from behind the walls aren’t hitting their owner’s walls. You may efficiently build towers behind the walls now
  11. Total amount of spectators has been increased.
  1. Port’s hp decreased from 65000 to 50000.
  2. ‘Use new construction materials’ upgrade will not affect port’s protection no more.
  3. Galley’s hp decreased from 50000 to 35000.
  4. Ship of the Line’s hp increased from 65500 to 95000.
  5. Galley’s gold consumption increased by 33%.
  1. Improved stability of multiplayer games.
  2. Fixed an error, causing frequent disconnects at 23:59:59.
  3. Improved support of various old savegames.
  4. Fixed 1 frame delay during units’ selection using selection marquee or hotkeys. It was detectable on low fps.
  5. Fixed an error, causing incorrect work of ‘Design new rigging types’ upgrade.
  6. Fixed an error, causing an inability to order group of peasants to move inside of several available mines in multiplayer.
  7. Fixed an error, causing inaccurate prices of boats in multiplayer.
  8. Fixed an error, causing inaccurate workers and idle peasants counter display in multiplayer along with their distribution among various resources.
  9. Fixed an error, causing desynchronization of ‘Stand ground’ state in multiplayer. Clients have correct visual display of this state now.
  10. Fixed an error, causing improper processing of ‘Show collisions’ hotkey.
  11. Fixed an error, causing incorrect random map game’s launch after playing a multiplayer game.
  12. Fixed one of the errors, causing crashes in long games. Replay recording would be stopped, in case there isn’t enough free RAM.
  13. Mines generation process in 2×2 games on small maps has been changed. Mines are generated closer to player’s spawn point and aren’t generated on enemies territory no more.
  14. Fixed an error, causing last player of brown color to have no famine and gain control over rebelling mercenaries, while disabling capturing the buildings.
  15. Fixed an error, causing to show an empty room, while joining the room.
  16. Fixed an error, causing incorrect mission list display after quitting to main menu from mission.
  17. Added three spectator slots, which are closed by default.
  18. Many small bugs and errors were fixed.
We’re deeply grateful to Ebel for her ideas and their realizations in her mods, which have inspired us to include several changes in this patch.


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