Patch notes #35 (20.10.2017)

by: Peffy
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Today we’re presenting you a huge patch with lots of changes! 

We’ve made a long-awaited handy chat. Now, it would be much easier to commence a battle with your friend or any other user.
Patch contains improtant changes in units balance, market prices and AI improvements, along with bug fixes.
Cossacks 3 version: v1.
  • Fast moving cavalry have  +5 extra defence against bullets while moving. 
  • Bullet critical hit doesn’t trigger on moving fast cavalry units. 
  • Multibarrel cannons have twice larger logical size, so it is easier to destroy them with artillery. 
  • Multibarrel cannons limit was changed from 5 to 3 per artillery depot.
  • 18 century shooters without bayonnete production speed increased from 15-20%.
  • 18 century dragoons production speed increased from 7-17%.
Next changes to food and stone prices were applied in previous patch: 
  • Food selling price was decreased by ~15%.
  • Stone selling price was increased by ~8%. 
Light Infantry:
  • Attack damage increased from 15 to 16. 
  • Won’t have +2/+2 formation bonus anymore. 
  • Attack damage increased from 24 to 25. 
  • They won’t have +2/+2 formation bonus anymore. 
  • Attack range changed from 350-650 to 300-750 (min-max attack range).
Bug fixes:
  1. Fixed bug, allowing player was able to earn gold by ordering production of mercenary units (when they have already maxed price) and canceling production. 
  2. Tuned AI market resource exchange policy, for better base developing.
  3. Tuned AI player to better constuct shipyards on island maps.
  4. Fixed rare bug with uncontrolable formation in historical battles.
Players communication:
  1. Private messages were reworked. Now you are able to send private messages without /w (/whisper) command! You may just click on player in list (located on right to the chat window), or on his\her message in chat window in order to write directly to him, as writing nickname correctly for each message was hindering communications.
  2. Message filter. You may filter all messages with next options:
          Show all messages;
          Show only your messages along with messages sent to you.
    Forget about missed opportunites on playing interesting battles with your friends, just because their messages were ‘lost’ in global chat, just use a “Private messages” checkbox in upper right corner of chat window.
  3. Instant inputbox’s addressee clearing: after reaching ‘:’ symbol before his nickname: just press the Backspace button twice.
  4. You won’t be wasting time on clearing message anymore: just press button “Clear” (located under the chat window), and you’d be ready to write a “Reply of the Zaporozhian Cossacks”. Reminder: you may delete your message with ‘Escape’ button too.
We hope, that this chat update would allow you, cossackers, to find and create lots of great multiplayer battles!


Developer comments:
  1. Changes in market prices should move focus from food to stone in middle and late game. Now, food economy was dominating most part of the game. 
  2. Most of 18 century dragoons was less powerful then their 17 century brothers. We tried to change it and give 18 century better chances, but with much greater price to produce enough power. 
  3. Most of 18 century shooters with out bayonnete was less powerful against general musketeers and don’t have chance to play its unique features with higher bullet damage but more fragile against any melee enemy unit. 
  4. We have removed formation bonus for mercenary infantry, while increase base damage, for units that don’t use officers to form squad. We find this feature non-challenging while it give quite unpredictable advantage. Removing such bonus made these mercenary units power predictable.



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