Patch notes #29 (26.05.2017)

by: Peffy
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Date of publish: 26/05/2017 21:48 CET

Dear friends!
We have astonishing news for you!
Greetings to all, who has Deluxe Edition and DLC Path to Grandeur!
Desert maps are now available not only in turkish campaign, but in random maps & internet-battles too!
Also Portugal received unique shipyard, which is armed with cannons and has ability to shoot.
So, go on, to hot sandy battlefields!
Also, we`d like to present you the latest patch notes:


Cossacks 3 version: v1.
  1. Nations list in game creation room has been changed and adapts to your resolution.
  1. Officer`s attack speed decreased in a factor of 2. 
    Europe – Production time increased from 5s to 12s.
    Russia – Production time increased from 6s to 15s.
    Turkey, Algeria – Production time increased from 4s to 10s.
    Scotland – Production time increased from 6s to 14s.
  2. Attack upgrades for russian and scottish officers values decreased from 45 to 30. 
    Defense upgrades values for russian, ottoman and scottish officers decreased from 10 to 8.
  3. Production time for officers attack upgrade increased to 46.875s.
  4. Production time for artillery has been decreased:
    Cannons – from 120s to 75s
    Howitzers – from 150s to 94s
  5. Movement speed for cannon, howitzer and multi-barreled cannon increased by 10-15% approximately.
  6. Art depo upgrades for all artillery units have been changed. Now, there are 3 upgrades for both production time and cost. These upgrades have higher efficiency and their cost was changed.
  7. Costs for 3rd, 4th and 5th attack speed upgrades in tower decreased:
    3rd upgrade – from 600 gold to 400 gold;
    4th upgrade – from 700 gold to 450 gold;
    5th upgrade – from 850 gold to 500 gold;
  8. Spanish and portuguese storehouses build time and cost have been decreased:
    Build time – from 6.25s to 4.68s
    Cost – from 20 wood 50 stone to 20 wood 20 stone
  1. Fixed a bug, which allowed to upgrade mines and towers above the limits.
  2. Fixed a bug, which caused healing upgrade in academy to disappear, in case if academy was captured upgrade process.
Have a nice day!


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