Patch notes #25 (13.04.2017)

by: Peffy
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 Dear friends!
As we mentioned yesterday, along with the new mini-expansion we are starting out the first phase of our scheduled global rebalance of the game. The latest update affected almost every unit in the game, changing or tweaking the stats of soldiers all across Europe in Cossacks 3. In the future we plan to bring changes to naval units and the economy of the game.
We would be glad to listen to your feedback on the re-balance, as your opinion and enjoyment of the game is crucial for us.


Main changes:
  1. Rate of fire. Now musketeers have higher reload times, but pack more punch with each shot. 
  2. Musketeer 17c, Dragoon 17c and Reiter are now recruited faster.
  3. Light Cavalry (Hussar etc) now use the “sword” type of damage, which will help the heavy cavalry in dealing with them.
  4. Overhauled the durability values of the artillery. Howitzer now has a higher rate of fire, along with a bigger radius of fire.
  5. Walls now have cheaper maintenance costs, and gates have less durability.
  6. Re-balanced the units with over the top stats.
  7. Every unit in the game has undergone a complex reevaluation process, which takes in account both existing balance and the units planned for the updates to come. 
  8. Due to reduction of build times of numerous units in this patch, we decided to speed up the food harvesting process by 1/3.
  9. Increased the efficiency of resource gathering in mines by 30%, so that it would keep up with the new game’s dynamics. 
  10. Slightly reduced the cost of mine upgrades, so that they would be a more viable option in comparison to stone + market.



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