Patch notes #19 (12.12.2016)

by: Peffy
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Cossacks 3 version: v1.
  1. Implemented an adaptive game speed. Now the game automatically adjusts the game speed depending on what’s happening on the screen. In hardware heavy situations, when the game is most likely to lose FPS, the game slows down for better control and performance.
  2. Changed the mechanic responsible for enemy tracking, which previously had some problems in large groups of enemies in the screen.
  3. Improved optimization, now the game runs 35% smoother in hardware-heavy situation.
  4. Fixed an error, which caused targeting problems for musketeers, especially with a huge amount of units on the screen.


  1. Now players can command a unit to guard himself, which would open up a possibility to leave that unit to guard key points or for reconnaissance purposes, instead of selecting them along with huge armies. 
  2. Corpses now disappear with different time intervals, granting a boost to performance of the game without affecting the look of battlefields. 
  3. Fixed a bug, that prevented players from creating a replay after loading up a save game.
  1. Decreased the attack speed of the 18c mercenary century dragoon. Now the delay between its attacks is increased from 1.15 seconds to 2.15 seconds, which is equal to 18c dragoon with 2 updates on attack speed.
  1. Fixed AI behavior in some missions, which caused them to act unfittingly passively in certain situations.
  2. Fixed a bug, which prevented certain area triggers from being executed.
  3. Fixed an issue, which prevented “find and attack enemy in zone” trigger in the editor from being executed properly, if enemy approached from a certain direction.
  4. Fixed a bug, which caused the game to crash when players attempted to load a replay or to exit it after viewing it.
  5. Fixed an issue with dialogue boxes in certain missions, when a response was longer than one line, yet the active selection zone was still only 1 line.


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