Patch notes #13 (12.10.2016)

by: Peffy
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Date of publish: 12/10/2016 23:21 CET

News from Cossacks 3 Facebook page:
Cossacks 3 version: v1.
  1. Fixed common “Access violation” errors that occurred on maps with AI and Peace Time option enabled.
  2. Fixed a bunch of small bugs that sometimes caused “Access violation” errors to occur.
  3. Ships have proper hitboxes now, around 33% less than before. Situations when shots were registered, despite the fact that cannonballs were actually missing ship’s model, won’t happen anymore.
  4. Explosions from destroyed ships will now deal significantly less damage and won’t cause a chain reaction in ship formations.
  5. Unfinished stone walls and palisades will now self-destruct if hostile units happen to approach them.
  6. Ships will now maintain their custom formation set by player even after movement. We’ve also tweaked their movement system and eliminated majority of ineffective maneuvers.
  7. Fixed a bug that caused sails to be displayed incorrectly.
  1. Multiplayer sessions will now continue even if the host quits or disconnects from the game. This feature is still being polished, some small annoyances may occur.
  2. Fixed rare cases of time desynchronizations between players.
  3. Session will now automatically start if the loading time for still loading players exceeds 4,5 minutes. It should be noted, that this time should be easily achievable even by a machine barely meeting minimum requirements of the game.
  4. Improved server performance, connectivity should be much more stable now.
  5. Balloons will now use a color scheme of the correct player.
  6. Selection frame “dragging” feature has been delayed due to need of additional testing.


Dear friends! We eagerly await for emails and messages with your artwork and screenshots, we’ll gladly publish it along with our future updates and patch notes on our social media pages. 
We thank Steam user Weepynium for this awesome screenshot.
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