Patch notes #11 (05.10.2016)

by: Peffy
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News from Cossacks 3 Facebook page:
Cossacks 3 version: v1.
Congratulations to Early Bird enlistees are in order – you hold a special place in our hearts. We thank you for supporting us from the very beginning!
List of new additions:
  1. Unique Early Bird badge, which will distinguish you among other players as an early backer!
  2. Owners of Early Bird Edition get a display priority in the multiplayer shell user list!
  3. Your bonus campaign has arrived! Participate in three brand new missions, available at your campaign selection screen!
  4. Unique units for Early Bird enlistees: Turkish archer and light cavalry mercenaries, that have been available since the release date.
  5. Among other goodies, Deluxe Edition owners can finally get their hands on an uncompressed OST of Cossacks 3. You can find it at %YourSteamFolder%\Cossacks 3\Cossacks 3 OST. 
  6. We’ve also made the multiplayer shell window a bit wider, so that you’d get more room for breathing.


From this moment our Early Bird promotion has ended.
Cossacks 3 will become available on Mac and Linux in the second half of October. We’ll announce an exact release date a bit later. You’ll also get an ability to get a free Early Bird upgrade bonus by playing Cossacks 3 during two weeks after your release.
Have a nice day!


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