Patch notes #10 (04.10.2016)

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News from Cossacks 3 Facebook page:
Cossacks 3 version: v1.
  1. Fixed lags with wall placing.
  2. Fixed the “Access Violation” crash that happened on maps with water, that occurred when any player tried to load his units onto ferries.
  3. Fixed random “Access Violation” crashes related to AI, that used ferries.
  4. Tuned some AI behavior related to ferries. Previously, it may have happened when a built ferry couldn’t moor a coast and the game dynamic slowed.
  5. Tuned AI behavior of building ports. Now AI prioritizes it and this increases the game’s dynamic.
  6. When ordering squad to load onto a ferry, it now properly updates/removes selection from units (yellow circles on the ground).
  7. A ship are now always build at the same location near the port, ferries don’t affect it anymore.
  8. If player’s PC got 8 GB of RAM or more, all textures of buildings and models will be preloaded into memory. Previously, only initial buildings were preloaded. This should remove lags and stutters while a player moves his camera over enemy city, destructs buildings or builds high-tier buildings.
  9. Fixed some bugs in French localization: long names on buttons, text names and description for tutorial campaign missions.


  1. We’ve fixed the occasional desynchronization of time between a host and players. From now on the game speed is the same for everyone. This also fixes the bug with invisible armies, strange behavior of peasants and lag in response of some units.
  2. Peace Time is now displayed correctly for everyone.
  3. Peace Time won’t appear in matches where it wasn’t set anymore.
  4. For MP, we’ve changed a behavior of ESCAPE button and a “Close” button in the victory/defeat message. Now they close the message and allow to continue the game as a spectator while Backspace buttons disconnects you from the match.
  5. We’ve implemented 4 new messages for various situations in the multiplayer. Now the game will notify everyone when: a host quits the session and the game cannot be continued; when a host loses his connection; when a player quits; when a player loses his connection.


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