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Some new information from Steam forums (responses from developers):
  • Cossacks 3 render engine (game engine) is written in OpenGL.
  • You can read in the FAQ that the multiplayer mode will be one server with different rooms to which we can even invite our friends (practically this is how the LAN will be disabled).
  • It’s not just nations of Cossacks and expansions will be in the game. The word exotic has been uttered several times, so we can’t wait to see who will be in the end!
  • Each nations added in the new DLC will get their own campaign!
  • In the release version there will be only one map size, the medium, but of course we will get bigger ones later!
  • There will be no change in colors, we get the same ones as in the first part! They are in order: red, blue, turquoise, purple, orange, black and white. When released, there will be no option for 8th players, it will be added later, the random map generator is currently being tested and adjusted.
  • Cossack 3’s AI focuses mostly on defense, keeping town halls. As a result, there will be no armies crawling elsewhere on the map, they will be there at their last bastion! It will also be important as they will be defeated if they lose their last town hall!

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